Jeremy Hunt: ‘I took my children to A&E because I didn’t want to wait for GP appointment’

That just about says it all, doesn’t it. The Health Secretary himself has no confidence in the health system that he is supposed to be ‘promoting’. Thanks to the Health & Social Care Act 2012, Hunt is no longer required to actually ‘provide’ an NHS, but he could at least avoid doing what Ben Goldacre has called “without question the most stupid, insight-less and irresponsible thing I have ever seen from a health minister“.

The wonderful author of Bad Science and Bad Pharma, Goldacre continues “In saying this, Jeremy Hunt is encouraging overload to pretty much the most expensive place to deliver primary care. If this is part of a strategy I’d like to know what that is. It truly reads like an uninformed dinner party outburst.

Not only has the hypocritical Hunt previously told the public that they must avoid A&Es in all but the most urgent cases; he is also dragging his feet on the publication of the latest A&E figures – figures that may well be truly damning for his party. Perhaps Hunt is hoping to drag attention away from his government’s record of cuts and closures in the name of ‘efficiency’ and instead try to shift the blame to underfunded primary care services.

We’ve seen #CameronMustGo trending on Twitter. It’s starting to become pretty clear that #HuntMustGo, too.

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