We need democratic reform – urgently

Deborah Harrington gives us her view on the current two party system.

If there are only two parties which can achieve power in the current system then, even if Labour is successful in 2015, we will inevitably revert to a Tory government at a future date. And this need not even be a Tory majority – by forming a coalition with a smaller party, the Tories are willing to lever themselves into power from a minority position. Whenever they do return, they will wreak havoc on the NHS and the Welfare State. The civil service is smaller now than at any time since 1948 and the Tories have sold off 20% of all our public land and assets in the last 4 years. We are running out of things to save.

If the predictions of another market crash in the next couple of years are true and Labour is in government then, as far as the public and the Tory spin machine are concerned, Labour will be held responsible for two successive crashes. That leads to the real possibility of a Tory government being returned in 2020.

The main thrust of much of Labour’s politics at the moment appears to be ‘we’re not the Tories’. That seems to me to be an absolute argument for political reform. Give us a parliament with more Independents, more Greens, SNP and Plaid, to represent the major environmental concerns and devolution/local agenda issues. Let’s have some political presence to really represent the NHS, and Left Unity and TUSC to stand up for the working classes, the unemployed and the disabled. Let’s have a politics where voters feel they can choose the party they agree with, not just the party that ‘isn’t the Tories’.

I would like to vote for a party that has solid core principles. At the moment the Labour Party has substituted ‘compassion’ for social justice. Not the same thing at all. Until – or unless – it regains its senses I hope all left wing voters will opt for getting together behind whichever candidate genuinely best represents their views, regardless of party (although I assume Tory and UKIP are not in the running for those votes in any circumstance whatsoever!).

I shall be thinking of the future when I cast my vote this year, not just about the short term. I hope you do too.

6 thoughts on “We need democratic reform – urgently”

  1. I am already a member but at the AGM in Oxford Clive P set out the resons why NHAP have no plans to widen the party focus.

    Fine but health is a much wider issue than GPs and Hospitals.
    In my view we need to change our whole political set-up , Britain is lost in a morass of false thinking on ecomnomics, ignorance of History and Friedmanite thievery.
    Have any of you read “Direct Democracy”? written by 23 promenant Tories including the ghastly Jeremy Hunt. I am currently writing a refutation of this pile of trash. Alink to a free download of this is on one of the pro NHS facebook pages. Please every one download and read and learn just what we are up against.

    Britain What Now? is intended to look at all aspects of British politics, economics, population wealth, taxation land ownership as I say thewhole shebang.

    I am with you all the way on the NHS I hope you will be with me on many other issues,


  2. I have trawled through the electoral comision website register of political parties etc ,all 535 listed. Nothing there worth the effort.
    So I am trying to put my ideas forward.
    My website Britain:what now is under development.
    Maybe I am mad but I am not mad enough to swallow the idea that this is a democratic country.
    Brexit is a moment in history and an opportunity. If we let it pass it is unlikely that another will be along in thenear future.
    I will be arguing for a form of PR, reform of the tax system. Well the whole shebang really.


  3. I feel the simplest way to reform the electoral system and to give the voter real choice is to reverse the voting system. If we were all given the chance to vote against the candidate/candidates we did not want to represent us i.e. least votes wins, the two party politics mentioned above would crumble. People being forced into tactical voting and scaremongered with a vote for this gets you that and wasted votes rhetoric would disappear too. Media and polling company influence would also be weakened and voter apathy reduced. Any proportional system could also be fairly implemented as the ballot would produce very accurate figures as to the electorate’s true wishes. This system would also satisfy the none of the above campaigners, although by removing the problems of the current system all candidates and their parties would be incentivised to refocus on the concerns of the electorate and less on their business interests, donors, future employers or university chums. Our vote/s should be meaningful and should not be influenced by factors beyond our true wishes.


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