It’s Time To End Political Corruption

UK politics is systemically corrupt. The examples are almost too easy to find:

The weaknesses of the UK political system are there for all to see. We have a First Past The Post system that encourages a two party state in which most seats are safe and ‘swing voters’ opt for the lesser of two evils. The majority of party funding comes from private donations. The largest donations come from big companies and rich individuals, and there is no limit on donation size. Politicians are allowed to vote on bills where they have a conflict of interest, and once they leave government they are free to take up a highly-paid role in a private corporation that benefited from said votes. The end result is a corrupt government passing laws to benefit itself and its corporate sponsors.

How do you end political corruption on such a scale? NHSpace has a few suggestions:

  1. Put a cap on donations – both for individual donations and the total amount a party can receive.
  2. Put an embargo on MPs and peers having shares in private firms. They can easily do without.
  3. Make it harder for MPs and peers to support bills where they have a conflict of interest.
  4. Close the ‘revolving door’ and end the outsourcing of government duties to private firms.
  5. Link MP’s earnings to the minimum wage and cut back on extravagances.
  6. Make it easier for constituents to remove their MP from parliament.
  7. Make the move to a proportional voting system and end the two party system.

7 thoughts on “It’s Time To End Political Corruption”

  1. All political parties should receive a set amount of funding from central government to ensure a level playing field. I believe that the “whipping” system should be abandoned a MPs given the chance to vote the way the truly believe rather than being forced to vote the way the party bosses want.

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  2. Well said, NHAspace! Each case seems to be taken as if it was just ‘one lapse’ rather than systemic. Cameron won’t investigate his HSBC chums as it’s ‘in the past’ and we are ‘moving forward’ (and look! look! there’s an immigrant with 25 children using the NHS…). Meanwhile HSBC ex director who ran tax scams was moved to run HMRC.
    If social security benefits claimants were treated with such understanding and kindness there’d be no sanctions and no suicides, or deaths in abject poverty. Still, they’re not political party donors, are they? So they just don’t count.

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  3. It is good to see the various forms of corruption set out here. How can it be reproduced in similar detail in the National press including tabloids? Also, what are people’s views about the apparent moratorium by the BBC on reporting anything about the NHAP, nor entering into any public debate about the issues the party is campaigning to address in the NHS? After last week’s Question Time where there was a lively exchange with the audience about the damage being done to the NHS by current and previous governments, on the subsequent Any Answers following the next day (Saturday 7th) there was no mention of the NHS at all despite public interest evidenced during the Any Questions debate. Has the BBC been silenced by political pressure, or have they been silent for other reasons? It would be interesting to hear what other NHAP followers think.

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