6 Reasons You Can’t Take Jeremy Hunt Seriously

1. He confused a train’s emergency cord with the toilet flush – anyone familiar with NHS toilets would have seen this trick before and know to avoid the emergency pull and use the handle instead.

2. He’s trying to re-brand the Tories as the NHS party and has been name-dropping Nye Bevan in his speeches – the same Nye Bevan who famously described the Tories as ‘worse than vermin’.

3. He doesn’t understand the new junior doctor contract is unsafe and unfair – Hunt clearly has very little insight into how the NHS works, especially given that one of his fellow Conservatives has raised concerns about the new contract.

4. He says GPs are being punished with underfunding as a ‘penance’ for the 2004 GP contract – Hunt is happy to punish different parts of the NHS workforce for their apparent sins, and doesn’t seem to understand that this will hurt patients, too.

5. He thinks tax credit cuts will make people work harder and be like the Americans or Chinese – Hunt’s failure to understand the need for a financial safety net doesn’t bode well for our medical safety net.

6. He thinks doctors’ judgement should be replaced with more computers in the NHS – Hunt obviously hasn’t used the 111 service, which uses computer-based flowcharts and usually ends with ‘call an ambulance’ or ‘go see a doctor’.

One thought on “6 Reasons You Can’t Take Jeremy Hunt Seriously”

  1. yes he’s awful but does have pwer – I for one don’t want ot be like a chinese or American I’m a European !!!it’s just a way to pour abuse on british people to say they work harder – they don’t and even if they do so what?

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