#PublicDuty Twitterstorm

Last January, we organised a mass-whistleblowing. NHS campaigners and staff united to send 30,000 tweets exposing the Tories, with the hashtag #PublicDuty trending UK-wide on Twitter that day. The catalyst was this tweet from Dr Clive Peedell:


Now we’re calling for a repeat performance. The Tories have done nothing in the last year but anger and upset thousands of NHS staff, patients, and members of the public. We want to take that energy and focus it, exposing the Tories with a coordinated action on the eve of the next doctors’ strike.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Sign up to our Thunderclap campaign, which will schedule an automatic tweet for you at the start of the Twitterstorm.
  2. Join us on Twitter at 7pm, Tuesday 8th March and tweet with #PublicDuty. We suggest tweets along the lines of “As a (job) with (number) years NHS experience, it’s my #PublicDuty to inform you that the Tories are dismantling and privatising the NHS“.
  3. Use the Twitter search box to find and retweet other #PublicDuty tweets.

Thank you in advance for your support. Together we can cut through the spin and send a clear message to the public.

4 thoughts on “#PublicDuty Twitterstorm”

  1. Thanks NHASpace for your answer. I wasn’t aware of the strike but being that so I find it absolutly justified to make the hashtag on that day. My appologies for my lack of awareness about the strike, and all my support for it.
    For the other part of the answer, I find it quite passive agressive, but maybe is just because of my not so good knowledge of the language. Also even though I am sure that that wasn’t your intention (and that certainly it is a part of women’s health and I want good public and free maternity care for every woman), flagging it against my complain seems quite troublesome to me.
    Anyway since my question has been answered, thank you again for that and -as I said in the first place- I am very pro this cause. My only problem was the choice of date, which has already been explained.

    Good luck with the hashtag and the strike


  2. Hi Gini, Tuesday 8th March is the day before the 48 hour doctors’ strike, and this is a very specifically timed campaign occurring only at 7pm on that day. Given that multiple hashtags can trend at the same time, and that our campaign is UK-centric, it is very unlikely that an international, UN-backed campaign would be ‘silenced’ by our honest actions to defend a free healthcare system, including maternity care.


  3. Hi! Can I know why did you chose 8th of march, which is the international day of womans, to lunch your campaign and overflow social media with this, with consequent silencing of womans day hashtags? Wasn’t there available any other day?
    I am really pro this campaign, and i think it is wonderful that you do this, but I think you should be more aware of intersectionality of social justice fights.
    Thank you for answering me


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