Bye Bye, Heidi

NHSpace reflects on the sudden departure of the Labour shadow health secretary.

To be honest, we were hoping this day would come. Meetings involving Heidi Alexander have all ended in disappointment. The shadow health secretary persisted in supporting Simon Stevens and his privatising Five Year Forward View. She was a damp squib when it came to the doctors’ strikes, and she did nothing to support the NHS Reinstatement Bill.

As one NHA executive member puts it:

“I have been in 2 meetings with HA. She refused to go on [junior doctor] picket lines. She refused to even wear a BMA badge. Her stance on health policy supported the ongoing privatisation in the form of Stevens 5YFV. Quote ‘I believe Stevens has the best interests of the NHS at heart’. A former UnitedHealth president here to complete the transition to an American style insurance system has her confidence. That says it all.”

Now that the Blairites liked Heidi Alexander are leaving Corbyn’s cabinet, there’s hope that JC will install someone who truly supports the NHS as his shadow health sec. Someone who will come out strongly in favour of a renationalised NHS, and recognise that things don’t have to be the way that Hunt and Stevens want them to be.

The STP hospital closure plans are already being rolled out, and it won’t be long before A&Es and DGHs start being forced to close in order to pay off local NHS ‘debts’. Labour need to start shouting from the rooftops about these sorts of healthcare issues. With the right MPs in charge, maybe they will.

5 thoughts on “Bye Bye, Heidi”

  1. Jeremy Corbyn would be better getting Some one like Dr Rosena Allin-Khan who knows about the working and goings on in the NHS. Get rid of these blairite austerity believers,and get the CLP MP’s to do the job that they can’t do because privatisation and earning money gets in their way.


  2. when you take note of the lickspittle mob of Labour MPs who have chosen to gang up to depose Jeremy Corbyn you begin to realise just how easy it has been for the Tories to push through their privatising health plans. Farewell Heidi from the field of social health – it would be an even better move if you and your chums decided to leave the Labour Party altogether.

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  3. Chorley and South Ribble District Hospital has already closed its A & E. It was downgraded to an urgent care centre from 18th of April. The trust say that it’s temporary but nobody believes them and think it’s a backhanded way for closing the dept. We’ve been demonstrating outside the hospital every Saturday morning from 10am and we had a rally and march through Chorley town centre. We will continue to do so until full A & E services are restored. Our local MP Lindsay Hoyle has been a great help and thrown his support in wholeheartedly. He’s been stood with us every Saturday lending his voice and passion to our campaign.

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