We All Have A #PublicDuty

Following a tweet from NHA’s Dr Alex Ashman, the #PublicDuty hashtag has really taken off as NHS staff, teachers, emergency services and many others whistleblow on cuts to public services. NHSpace looks at the story behind the tag.

In the run-up to the 2015 elections, NHA’s then-leader Dr Clive Peedell tweeted about his public duty to tell the public what was happening to the NHS. Within just hours the message had been re-tweeted thousands of times.

The NHA party quickly responded with an organised Twitterstorm which resulted in around 30,000 tweets, and drew the attention of Online Journalism blog, who sensibly asked “#PublicDuty – mass whistleblowing or political campaign?

More recently, in March 2016, the party repeated the feat in support of the junior doctors’ strikes. So seeing #PublicDuty trending isn’t a new phenomenon.

What’s different this time is that nobody organised a Twitterstorm. Instead, NHA’s Dr Alex Ashman tweeted a new #publicduty message along with the #voteNHS tag, which was retweeted around 3,000 times, and the idea just took off.

As of the evening of 25th April, the hashtag is now peaking at 400 tweets per hour:


Perhaps thanks to its spontaneous origin, this new Twitterstorm has caught the attention of bloggers:

Some familiar faces have joined in:

If you’re on Twitter, why not tweet the hashtag and then head to the #publicduty thread and get retweeting?

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