NHA’s Dr Louise Irvine is progressive alliance candidate for SW Surrey

The National Health Action Party‘s Dr Louise Irvine has been selected as the progressive alliance candidate in Jeremy Hunt’s seat of South West Surrey:

“At a packed meeting in Farncombe today, 6th May 2017, organised by SW Surrey Compass group it was overwhelmingly agreed that there should be one progressive alliance candidate for SW Surrey in the coming general election, in order to have the best chance of unseating Jeremy Hunt. The meeting was attended by people from the 4 progressive parties: Liberal Democrats, Labour Party, Greens and National Health Action Party, as well as many non party aligned people.

The meeting overwhelming supported Dr Louise Irvine of the National Health Action Party to be the candidate.

The Green Party has declared they would stand down in favour of Louise as a progressive alliance candidate. Local Labour Party members and several Liberal Democrat members have said they will campaign for Louise as part of that alliance. It is now hoped that the Liberal Democrat and Labour Parties nationally will agree to withdraw their candidates so there is just one candidate.” (Source: nhap.org)

Dr Irvine previously took on Hunt at the 2015 General Election, taking 8.5% of the vote. The Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green candidates all did similarly well, and UKIP came second. With the impending collapse of UKIP and a progressive alliance supporting Dr Irvine, the result could look very different this year.

hunt sw surrey 2015
Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_West_Surrey_(UK_Parliament_constituency)

2 thoughts on “NHA’s Dr Louise Irvine is progressive alliance candidate for SW Surrey”

  1. Ukips will vote BlUeKIP.

    We need a higher turnout for good, dynamic leadership without a reaction from reactionary voters.


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