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IKEA, a global household name, has revolutionized the way we think about furniture and home decor. Thanks to its commitment to stylish and affordable design, the company has gained a loyal following worldwide.

If you’re looking to be part of a dynamic and innovative team, working in IKEA Canada may be the perfect opportunity for you. In this article, we will provide an overview of IKEA, highlight the benefits of working in the company, and delve into existing job opportunities available.


Founded in Sweden in 1943, IKEA became synonymous with modern, practical and elegant home furnishings. The company’s philosophy is about providing quality products at affordable prices, not just the few.

IKEA’s distinctive flat furniture and prefabricated installation concept have changed the way people furnish their homes. In addition to its range of products, IKEA is also known for its commitment to sustainability, social responsibility and promoting a diverse and inclusive working environment.

Benefits of working at IKEA
Joining the IKEA team comes with a range of attractive benefits that make it an attractive choice for potential employees. Some of the main advantages include:

A diverse and inclusive culture

IKEA values the diverse workforce and promotes an inclusive environment where every employee’s voice is heard and respected.

Career Development

The company is committed to providing its employees with growth opportunities. From beginner roles to management positions, IKEA offers training programs and career paths.

Staff discounts

As an IKEA employee, you will have access to exclusive discounts on the company’s products, making them more attractive to those who value elegant IKEA designs.

Focus on sustainability

If you are passionate about sustainability, you will align with IKEA’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. Working at a company that values sustainability can be very rewarding.

Innovative workspace

IKEA workspaces are designed to inspire creativity and collaboration. The company’s modern offices reflect its design philosophy and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

Current IKEA Canada job openings:

As of now, IKEA Canada is actively looking for talent for different positions. These opportunities extend across different disciplines, ensuring there is something for everyone. Some currently open jobs include:

Cooperative Sales – Cookshop

This role involves interacting with customers, providing assistance and ensuring a positive shopping experience.

Expertise in specialty design

If you’re passionate about creating immersive experiences, this role involves crafting attractive in-store experiences for customers.

Inventory Controller (Stock) – Evening Shift

This position is responsible for maintaining accurate inventory records and ensuring efficient inventory management.

Logistical cooperator, receipt of goods

Responsible for receiving goods and ensuring smooth logistics operations.

Different roles in Quebec City recruitment event (warehouse/sales/restaurant/merchandise renovation)

Event for recruitment across multiple roles in different sections.

Chief Sales Specialist – Kitchen Scheme (Calgary, Edmonton, Coquitlam)

These roles include helping customers design their dream kitchens and providing sales experience.

Director of Health and Safety

Lead the company’s efforts in maintaining a safe and secure working environment for all employees.

Apply Now

Work in IKEA Canada provides more than just a job; It offers an opportunity to be part of a globally recognized brand with a strong commitment to innovation, sustainability and diversity.

Whether you are interested in sales, design, logistics, or management, current job opportunities reflect a wide range of professional choices at IKEA.

If you are ready to join a team that values creativity, growth and making a positive impact on people’s lives, consider applying for a job at IKEA Canada. You may start your journey to a satisfying and exciting career today.


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