Cleaning Jobs in Canada | Working in the Cleaning Industry in Canada

Working in Canada’s cleaning industry provides a range of opportunities and expertise, an excellent example of which is a job announcement from Doje Care Corporation in Woodbridge, Ontario.

Cleaning Industry in Canada

Canada’s cleaning industry is a vital sector encompassing a wide range of settings, including residential, commercial and healthcare facilities. It plays a crucial role in maintaining hygiene, health and general wellbeing in different environments.

With a diverse and dynamic workforce, the cleaning industry provides employment opportunities for individuals looking for a job that makes them mobile and provides an ever-changing work environment.

Cleaning Jobs Opportunities in Canada

Doje Care Corporation is currently offering an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to work in the cleaning sector.

Position Details

Location: Woodbridge, ON
Job Type: Field
Hourly salary: $18.00, average 35 hours per week
Terms of Employment: Seasonal, Full-Time
Flexible shift: day, evening, night, weekend, shift, overtime, on demand, early morning, morning
Start Date: Immediate Start
Perks: Comprehensive health benefits and additional incentives
Open positions: 18 opportunities
Officially verified: Verified via Job Bank, reference 2641293
Language Requirements: Proficiency in English

Academic qualifications

A high school certificate or equivalent of experience is a prerequisite for this position.

Work Experience

Previous experience is useful but not mandatory.

Business responsibilities

In the role of light cleaner at Doje Care Corporation, your tasks will include a wide range of duties, including but not limited to:

Doing sweeping, scanning, washing and polishing floors.

Use vacuum cleaners to clean carpets, stretchers, curtains and upholstered furniture.

Making beds and refreshing bed linen.

Distribution of clean towels and basic toiletries.

Keep the linen cabinets well equipped.

Clean, sanitize and polish kitchen and bathroom equipment and appliances.

Ensure comprehensive disinfection of operations rooms and other designated areas.

Manage and report missing and recovered items.

Vacuum garbage containers and remove debris regularly.

Wash windows, walls and ceilings and keep them clean.

Help clean changing rooms and bathrooms.

Deal responsibly with any complaints or concerns of customers.

Handle laundry and home furnishings.


Applicants are required to possess relevant certificates, licenses, organisms and completed training courses. This includes obtaining the Workplace Hazardous Substances Information System (WHMIS) certificate.


Health benefits, health care plan.

For more information and apply directly, you can visit the job ad on

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Working in Canada’s cleaning industry offers diverse opportunities and expertise, and job advertising by Doje Care Corporation in Woodbridge, ON is an excellent example of the type of jobs available.

Whether you are an experienced cleaner or looking to start a career in this field, there are many opportunities to explore and contribute to maintaining hygiene in different places across the country.

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