Career Opportunities at the Ottawais Transport Association in Canada

(STO) is a prominent public transport agency in Canada, offering diverse and exciting career opportunities.

Overseas Transport Company (STO)

STO is a leading transport organization serving the Outaouais region of Canada. STO is committed to providing effective and sustainable public transport solutions, and plays a vital role in connecting communities and promoting mobility. With a focus on innovation and service excellence, STO is an ideal workplace for individuals looking for dynamic jobs in the transport sector.

Jobs in STO Canada

STO actively hires professionals in various fields. Here are some exciting career opportunities available:

Intelligence Adviser (Business Intelligence Adviser)

This role involves leveraging data to drive strategic business decisions. Ideal candidates will have strong analytical skills and background in business intelligence.

Admoint (e) administratif (ve) à l ‘exploitation (Administrative Assistant – Operations):

As an administrative assistant who supports operations, candidates will play a key role in ensuring the smooth functioning of daily activities. Attention to details and organizational skills is necessary.

This position involves the maintenance and maintenance of buses to ensure that they operate efficiently. Individuals with a background in car maintenance and a passion for transport are encouraged to apply.

STO is at the forefront of electrification initiatives. In this role, the Director will lead electrification projects, contributing to the Organization’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Controller  at Bureau the projcet – electrification (project office controller – electrification)

This role is responsible for the project’s financial management, which is critical to ensuring the successful implementation of electricity projects within budgetary constraints.

Industrial psychology (le) (industrial psychologist)

This unique attitude involves applying psychological principles to enhance workplace dynamics and employee welfare. Industrial psychologists at STO play a pivotal role in creating a positive work environment.

As a health and safety adviser, individuals will contribute to creating a safe and healthy working environment. Familiarity with occupational health and safety regulations is critical.

This role involves managing and strengthening positive working relationships within the Organization. Ideal candidates will have strong interpersonal and communication skills.

This position combines transport expertise with a focus on continuous improvement initiatives. Technicians will play a critical role in improving transfers.


STO Canada offers a variety of career opportunities, making it an attractive destination for professionals looking for rewarding roles in the transport sector. The Organization’s commitment to innovation and sustainability makes it an exciting workplace for individuals looking to make a positive impact.

To explore these opportunities further and start the application process, click on the link provided. Upgrade your career with STO and be part of shaping Canada’s public transport future.

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